GNU IceCat will not play videos

I use GNU IceCat. The browser doesn’t play videos.
Does anyone know if there is way to fix this?

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Do you use add-ons which are turned-on by default with IceCat? The one for LibreJS and other libre focused stuff? If yes, try to disable all of them first and re-test the video playing.

I have disabled all default GNU IceCat Add-ons except HTTPS Everywhere. I installed uBlock Origin. I only have two Add-ons enabled.

Do you have these packages installed?

mozilla-openh264.x86_64                          2.1.1-1.fc33                         @fedora-cisco-openh264 
openh264.x86_64                                  2.1.1-1.fc33                         @fedora-cisco-openh264 

Also, are you using RPM Fusion repos for multimedia stuff? There is “Multimedia post-install” available here:

Installed rpmfusion-free packages:

faad2-libs.x86_64                                1:2.9.2-3.fc33                       @rpmfusion-free        
ffmpeg-libs.x86_64                               4.3.1-16.fc33                        @rpmfusion-free-updates
gstreamer1-libav.x86_64                          1.18.2-1.fc33                        @rpmfusion-free-updates
gstreamer1-plugins-bad-freeworld.x86_64          1.18.2-1.fc33                        @rpmfusion-free-updates
gstreamer1-plugins-ugly.x86_64                   1.18.2-1.fc33                        @rpmfusion-free-updates
libdca.x86_64                                    0.0.7-2.fc33                         @rpmfusion-free        
libde265.x86_64                                  1.0.8-1.fc33                         @rpmfusion-free-updates
libmms.x86_64                                    0.6.4-14.fc33                        @rpmfusion-free        
librtmp.x86_64                                   2.4-18.20190330.gitc5f04a5.fc33      @rpmfusion-free        
live555.x86_64                                   2020.07.31-2.fc33                    @rpmfusion-free        
mjpegtools-libs.x86_64                           2.1.0-20.fc33                        @rpmfusion-free        
opencore-amr.x86_64                              0.1.5-11.fc33                        @rpmfusion-free        
rpmfusion-free-obsolete-packages.noarch          33-1.fc33                            @rpmfusion-free        
rpmfusion-free-release.noarch                    33-1                                 @@commandline          
rpmfusion-nonfree-release.noarch                 33-1                                 @@commandline          
svt-hevc-libs.x86_64                             1.5.0-2.fc33                         @rpmfusion-free        
vlc.x86_64                                       1:3.0.12-1.fc33                      @rpmfusion-free-updates
vlc-core.x86_64                                  1:3.0.12-1.fc33                      @rpmfusion-free-updates
vo-amrwbenc.x86_64                               0.1.3-13.fc33                        @rpmfusion-free        
x264-libs.x86_64                                 0.160-2.20200702gitcde9a93.fc33      @rpmfusion-free        
x265-libs.x86_64                                 3.4-3.fc33                           @rpmfusion-free        
xvidcore.x86_64                                  1.3.7-4.fc33                         @rpmfusion-free    

For me it works without any issues with same setup.

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What’s the point of using GNU IceCat (free as in GNU) and then install a bunch of non-free codecs and packages?

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All the packages from my post are from RPM Fusion free repos - “free for Open Source Software (as defined by the Fedora Licensing Guidelines) which the Fedora project cannot ship due to other reasons”.

Thanks for your reply and help. I have the two packages installed which you mentioned. I used dnf info >package name< on the terminal to query.

I went to the website and installed:

  1. RPM Fusion free for Fedora 33
  2. RPM Fusion non free for Fedora 33
    Then restarted but I get the same message in the screenshot and a message about codec.

It is good to have choices. There are very few open source and privacy browsers. I use Firefox as well. GNU IceCat is more privacy and open source even with the non free codecs and packages installed. In my opinion.

you need ffmpeg-libs package:

sudo dnf install ffmpeg-libs

Sounds like you just installed the repositories, but not yet the codecs mentioned above. Or did you?

Thanks @ersen. I didn’t install codecs. Videos now playing :smiley:
Also thanks to @cltnt for your advice to install RPM Fusion repositories.

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