Gnome won’t load after drive migration

Hello everyone. I recently moved my fedora drive from one computer to another. After a bios update the new setup created a new boot entry for the drive and proceeded to boot normally.

I am stuck at a grey screen with a non movable cursor

Effectively the computer boots and everything runs except the desktop. I know this because I have plex running on this drive and I can access the contents even tho I cannot get to my desktop.

I was using a graphics card in the old computer and I am not in the new one due to space constraints.

I’m not sure if this is where my hiccup is being caused or not. Any help is appreciated.

Can your log into desktop graphics using a Live DVD / USB on the new computer? If yes, simplest solution is:

  1. backup your important data somewhere.

  2. re-install the newest Fedora to your new computer's drive

  3. migrate your important data to the new drive

Good Luck!