Gnome update small icons

Hi guys, im using fedora 33 with factorial scaling, after updating DE to gnome-shell x86_64 3.38.2-1.fc33 icons in main app menu become smaller and than when i increasing scale become much smaller. Use downgrade and icons stay nornal. How fix it in newest version?


Can you provide a bit more information? What resolution is your display, and what scaling level are you using? What happens if you try the 200% or 300% scaling (just temporarily to see, not as a fix)?

FullHD resolution, use 1.25 scaling. WAYLAND(!)

This icons before update.

Before update 1.25

Before update 2.00

After update 1.25

After update 2.00

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The desktop team tells me they don’t have any open bug reports on this, so if you could file one (GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab is probably best) that would be appreciated!

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Ah, actually, strike that — Adam from our QA team says that he noticed this too in automated testing and filed Icons in overview app picker are very small in 40.alpha (#3465) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab

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After update bug was not reproduced. I think it was fixed. Great thank gnome’s theam for their work.


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