Gnome top bar menu for focused app

Why is it, that gnome applications no longer use the top bar menu as they used to?
For example nautilus has preferences (help, about…) now accessible in it’s own windows whereas it used to be in the top bar menu.

I know that not all applications adhered to this, but i would expect at least gnome apps to have their options there. And if i recall correctly, they did. But not anymore.

Does this mean that gnome is no longer trying to push these options to the top bar? Or is it just Fedora specific customization?

Fedora does not generally provide thematic patches like this.

I am fairly certain that this is a Gnome change, due to users simply not knowing or using the top bar much. , but I can’t find the post about it right now See this design blog post.

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Too bad, I actually liked it, when I got used to it.
But I get the reason for change.

Thank you for the link.

Could you please upload the images (in separate posts if required?) to the forum? They already cannot be accessed at the third party location.

The images:


I’m sure that was part of it, but there’s also the issue that if you actually use multiple applications in window mode (smaller than the screen area), having a menu detached from the application window — one which, in order to interact with it, you had to rush your mouse up to it without hovering over any other windows long enough to accidentally switch over to the menu for a different application — was always a terrible idea right from the start.

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