Gnome terminal is not showing ssh commands in title bar

It depends on which system you connect to. If you connect to a system which doesn’t know how to set the tittle bar, then it isn’t going to be set. Fedora systems have a shell variable named PROMPT_COMMAND which does the magic thing to modify the title bar.

The OP describes the problem as a regression.
This implies it worked correctly before updating.

If you add


to .bash_profile on the remote system, you can see that the tittle bar is not updated. I tested and confirmed that this happens with Live system of Fedora 39 as well as Live system of Fedora 40. If you revert that change to .bash_profile the title bar is updated, also in the current version of Fedora 40.

The OP was seeing that when connection to a Solaris system, and I would expect that this has never worked.

I guess it is a not solved issue.

Yes, it is reproducible.

I installed a fresh Fedora 40 in “Boxes”. It worked smoothly. I “dnf update -y”, and it stopped working. I tried that twice. No manual changes whatsoever.

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This issue is dated back 4 years as I saw it there.

Try this:

sudo dnf downgrade vte\*

I tried it and it worked like a charm.

After downgrade, the below packages are like:
$ rpm -qa|grep vte

They were 0.76.3.

Any idea where to go from here?

I do not know if setting the title the way it used to do is considered a feature or just a nice to have subject to change.

Having your own scripts that you control that set the title reliably seems the most robust thing to do.

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I guess this is a bug.

How can we transfer this case to gnome-terminal developers?

Red Hat Bugzilla – Bug 2297024 Submitted.

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I use zsh . PROMPT_COMMAND is not set in zsh, but there is a precmd(){} function.