Gnome task bar icon that looks like "undo"--what is it?

Greetings Fedorans!

I am puzzled about an icon I see in the task bar. What does it do? It looks like an “undo” symbol–an arrow with its “tail” at top left and its “head” at lower left after curving around, pointing at a dot. See screenshot—

Screenshot from 2023-03-16 12-24-04

Using Fedora 37, everyhing up to date 100%, Gnome 43.3.

Thanks for considering this question, please let me know if any more info would be helpful…this all feels a little vague to me.


I have never noted such an icon.
What happens if you click on it?

Thanks for replying!

When I click, the drop-down menu with the various tools such as Wi-Fi, power settings, logout and power down comes down, but nothing else!

Also-nothing happens if I scroll the mouse—the volume can be changed I discovered by mousing over it and scrolling. This “undo” icon doesn’t respond at all.

Try toggling gnome shell extensions if any.

Hmmm…good suggestion.

Added twist: the icon is only there some of the time. Trying to figure out what makes it come on.


It means a software update has been downloaded and is ready for installation on the next restart.