GNOME Software is only showing Snap applications

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I ran the command, but it didn’t help, but now commandline gave me some feedback - can you tell me what does it mean?

21:33:11:0664 Gs  enabled plugins: desktop-categories, fwupd, os-release, packagekit, packagekit-local, packagekit-offline, packagekit-proxy, packagekit-refresh, packagekit-upgrade, packagekit-url-to-app, shell-extensions, appstream, fedora-pkgdb-collections, desktop-menu-path, epiphany, flatpak, hardcoded-blacklist, hardcoded-featured, hardcoded-popular, modalias, packagekit-refine, rewrite-resource, odrs, packagekit-history, provenance, repos, systemd-updates, generic-updates, packagekit-refine-repos, provenance-license, icons, key-colors, key-colors-metadata
21:33:11:0664 Gs  disabled plugins: dummy
21:33:11:0950 Gs  Only 0 apps for recent list, hiding
21:33:11:0951 Gs  hiding category productivity featured applications: found only 0 to show, need at least 9
21:33:11:0953 Gs  failed to get featured apps: no apps to show
21:33:11:0954 Gs  hiding category audio-video featured applications: found only 0 to show, need at least 9
21:33:11:0960 Gs  Only 0 apps for popular list, hiding
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Same problem. Likely some bug, already reported:


@rugk @garbulix: thanks very very much for following up the issue with the devs and helping to get it fixed :clap::clap:


Thank you. Instead of log-out and log-in, kill the process of “Software App” (gnome-software) is useful.

This turned out to be a libxmlb bug. A new version with fixes is available in the updates-testing repositories now. Please consider testing them and providing karma so that the packages may reach all users ASAP:

More information on testing updates and providing them karma can be found here.