Gnome Software does not launch

Gnome Software does not open on silverblue. Running it with --verbose outputs nothing but Timeout was reached.

I’ve cleared its cache in ~/.cache/gnome-software.

This is version 3.36.0.

Hi andmalc and welcome to the forum!

Have you tried following the system log (journalctl -f) when you run gnome-software ? Perhaps there is some important message in there.

Also, have a look at this thread detailing a fwupd issue with an error similar to yours.

Thanks for your suggestion. journalctl -f showed no output while starting Gnome-software. Also the setting in /etc/fwupd/deamon.conf suggested in the issue you linked to was already in effect.

However I found a solution. I recently installed the pcsc-tools package to make the Yubikey authenticator app detect my key. After uninstalling it, Gnome software started normally.

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I just deployed a fresh F32 Workstation VM to test this on and wasn’t able to reproduce this specific problem with both gnome-software and pcsc-tools installed. I’m interested to get this fixed however, if it is a bug.

What version of Fedora are you on where you ran into this problem?

Information on my VM:


This is on Silverblue 32.20200526.0.

Ahh. I’ll test at some other point then.

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