Gnome Software Crash

This shouldn’t be too hard a question.
I’ve been trying to install Kodi on this 2 week old install to do some media streaming but every time I click on the “install” button Gnome Software centre crashes.

I did follow the flatpak instructions.

I can install the application from a terminal and dnf but the RPMFusion version won’t run

How might I repair the Gnome Software Centre ?

Hello @saywot.
Does this happen trying to install other applications as well?
Are you able to collect some logs related to gnome-software? This link could be helpful.

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I think it’s only Flatpak that crashes Gnome-Software , it’s hard to tell from the GUI what the package is but at the time of the crash this is the last few lines of the log

Process 13784 (gnome-software) crashed and dumped core.

This usually indicates a programming error in the crashing program and
should be reported to its vendor as a bug.

You can try:

sudo flatpak repair