Gnome Software bug in Fedora 33

in the gnome software of my fedora 33 it is indicating that it is downloading something, since there is nothing being downloaded, it has been like this for a while, but it is already bothering me

Have you made in terminal a:

sudo dnf update

to see if there is something to install? You still can cancel it after.

the sudo dnf update, it doesn’t work, this is since I installed Fedora a few months ago
nothing is being installed, I already installed daily updates and this continues

But network is working, isn’t it?

If you use DHCP for IPAddress just check that you can put DNS manually.
Use something like or

did not work

Ok, reading more about your problem shows that gnome-software not uses dnf.

And before we not can narrow down the problem we also not can make a bug-request.

Please have a look at:

and see if you can narrow down your problem or fix it as proposed.

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didn’t solve

Clearing ./local/share/gnome-software/update-list (and killing the application) solved it for me.

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thankyou very much

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