GNOME Software appears 1 on installed tab and popup error

Since I installed Fedora that this popup appears in Software. I tried to install and uninstall “English” without success. Any suggestions ?

Did your tried sudo dnf upgrade in gnome-terminal? If that will show no errors, then, if i were your, i would just ignore that.

PS: “Unable to install English as not supported” – what is gnome-software is trying to accomplish, even?

I tried and just updated fedy. I don’t know what is trying to accomplish

read this post and comments and try this solution.

and you can show out log run gnome-software --verbose after kill gnome-software .

:wink: … or, as your can use a console, just delete the gnome-software! No program - no troubles. :hammer:


:joy: Each program maybe have a bug, and the solution is not to delete it :smile:.

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Just as i have said: don’t delete the bug, delete the program!


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