Gnome shell 3.34 fritzing constantly in fedora 31

gnome shell 3.34 fritzing constantly in fedora 31.

When arrived notification for example telegram, its fritizing, the music continue and cursor, but all app, windows, is stopped.

i thinked the problem was a gnome extensions, lock key, because use many notifications, i was disabled all extensions, and the problem continues.

then, i pressed fn+alt+f3 to start from terminal, and pkill for user
i created new user, and problem persist,.

I use fedora 31 x86_64, gnome-shell 34, i7 8th, 32gb ram, 1tb ssd,

I have exactly the same problem and able to reproduce it with notify-send :frowning:

in wayland its work, but aplications as dbeaver, or workbench, virtualbox, not work fine, then i using xorg mode

how did you solve it .???

I believe it was resolved with mutter update today :slight_smile:

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great, i will chek it, :thinking:

just in case, mutter-3.34.1-11 is the version where there is no freezing

What’s graphics drivers are using?

in my case xorg-x11-drv-intel

it looks like it’s already been resolved.

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