Gnome "settings" not working on Fedora 34

Hi everyone. Since I upgraded to Fedora 34, I’m not able to open Gnome settings. Right-clicking on wallpaper and selecting “Settings”, “Display Settings” or “Change background” have no effect either. The mouse pointer changes to a loading alike icon and returns to arrow icon after a while.

I searched web looking for this error, but i wasn’t able to find a solution. Can you help me with this issue?

I managed to resolve it this way: I tryed to run gnome-control-center and got the following error message.

gnome-control-center: error while loading shared libraries: /lib64/ file too short

Since this error usually indicates a broken .so file, I reinstalled the thing it belongs to, in this case that’s libwebp.

sudo dnf reinstall libwebp

That resolved the problem.