Gnome Screen Sharing (VNC) not working, Silverblue

I haven’t had luck enabling the Screen Share toggle in Gnome settings:

I see vino is included in Silverblue image, so not sure issue. Also, saw this process running which I assume in the vino vnc server:

$ sudo ps aux | grep vino
barn     1579173  0.0  0.0 216084   724 pts/0    S+   19:18   0:00 grep --color=auto vino

Any pointers on how to get it going?

I should mention I am using X11 due to my Nvidia card.

I noticed that running “/usr/libexec/vino-server” starts vino-server, as seen below:

$ sudo ps aux | grep -i vino
barn       34978 45.2  0.8 727128 131672 pts/2   RLl  21:14   0:35 /usr/libexec/vino-server
barn       36517  0.0  0.0 216084   644 pts/0    R+   21:15   0:00 grep --color=auto -i vino

Once vino-server is running, I can successfully vnc remotely, however, the Screen Sharing toggle in Settings is still disabled. So, a “real” solution would be appreciated so I can control via Settings would be ideal.

Probably you should remove vino, install gnome-remote-desktop and re-log in.

Ah, yes, looks like gnome-remote-desktop is intended to replace vino. I’ll investigate

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