Gnome scaling to match macOS scaling?

i’ve tried both 150 and 175 and one seems too small on the latter too big, any suggestion about?

maybe try tweaking the fonts alongside scaling ? for example, if at 150 it looks too small for you, increase slightly the desktop fonts.

I’ve already tied but there isn’t an “ideal” result, so I’ve thought that maybe someone here has better knowledge about that

i’m trying KDE on same device (MBA 13" M1) and default to 175, way better than the equivalent on GNOME

This is precisely why I’ve transitioned from GNOME to Plasma. GNOME has a number of features that are still lacking (this being one of them), whereas Plasma excels in many aspects. Until GNOME has a far better fractional scaling solution, I’m simply not switching back.

yes i’m noticing this, the only exception is tiling where i heavy use pop tiling with stack ecc…

personally i haven’t considered gnome since gnome2 era. i’ve followed its evolution through news and articles, and i thought that they did choose the wrong decisions at every single turns.

removing all means of customisation having to rely on thrid party softs and having gnome team fight against it, removing all the poweruser features, stripping down nautilus, the CSD windows border horror, the huge UI elements, the clunky menu on the top bar… it’s a mystery to me that some people are choosing to use gnome at all. it feels really restrictive as a desktop instead of empowering the user.