Gnome logs not visible

since september gnome logs not longer ‘sees’ the logs. I am in the wheel group. Did something happen here? Is this an selinux or group membership issue?

Can you try to start the application from a terminal and see if there is anything in the logs?

Yes its a flatpak of course. Not sure if thats part of the problem, but I can run flatpak run org.gnome.Logs, but no difference there. The last logs I can see in the app are from September.

I don’t use org.gnome.Logs. But I’ve it installed as a Flatpak and the situation is equal to yours.

Yeah… I’m not an anti flatpaxer. But as an experienced user I find there are issues that just make me find other solutions. The gnome-logs flatpak cant read logs. The poedit (translation) flatpak can’t read langpacks… Several flatpaks want to launch xdg-open and can’t find it. They all can’f figure out where themes are. (I just don’t bother with themes). Anyways I install most stuff in a toolbox, create my own .desktop files and use aliases for toolbox run app.