Gnome Login Menu On Wrong Screen

I finally figured it out. I had some experimental gnome feature running.

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']"

I’ve configured this when I set up the notebook and forgot about it. It turns out that when I disable this setting and apply the above steps one more time I get the login screen on my external monitor. This is kind of embarrassing. Anyways thanks a lot for your support.


Note that the GDM user has its own dconf, so if you want to change his settings, it should be like this:

sudo -u gdm dbus-launch gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface clock-show-date true
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@s1las, congratulations on resolving your issue, I would be hard pressed to guess these two could be connected.

Also, if you can reproduce your problem by enabling this feature, then this would be very useful bug to file. Fractional scaling is much asked for feature right now, and many people can stumble with their two-monitor setup just as you did. You filing the bug would help developers notice it and probably fixing it )


Cool I didnt know that.

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When I find some time I’ll check if I can reproduce it. Not sure if my system is a good reference for filing bugs because I upgraded from earlier Fedora versions and it is therefore not in a perfectly fresh state. Do you think it would still make sense to file a bug if its reproducible?

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Yes, absolutely. If for no other reason then (even judging just from Ask Fedora) quite a few people upgrade their systems and don’t reinstall every time – as you do. And again, upgrading is not some hack, it’s officially allowed and/or endorsed way.

By the way, with scale-monitor-framebuffer unset and all working now – is your external monitor still scaled to 2 and laptop’s screen to 1 (as in monitors.xml you’ve posted earlier)? When I’ve played with changing monitors.xml on the fly (I’ve written about it), I think, I had to set scale to 2 for both my monitors for it to be applied.

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I tried to replicate the issue but I couldn’t do it. I enabled the scale-monitor-framebuffer again but the login screen stayed on the external monitor. Its a bit strange that I cannot reproduce it but i’m just happy it works now. Regarding your questions about the scaling. Currently the scaling is set to 1 on both but I switched to I3 and dont use Gnome Desktop anymore. Just the login screen. But I remember when I played arround that with Wayland I could use different scalings but not with Xorg.

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Then I think we’ll leave it at this and will return to it when (or if) the need arises )

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