Gnome login leads back to login screen

I have Fedora 39. I mainly use Cinnamon for accessibility, but tried opening Gnome for debugging.

I use the t2 build for driver compatibility, and can’t use a Cinnamon spin for the same reason.

Login to Cinnamon succeeds.

Login to Gnome Classic or Gnome fails; I think this is the Wayland version.

Login to Gnome Classic on Xorg succeeds.

I know that Gnome dconf issues can cause similar bugs, but I can’t risk losing my accessibility settings in my Cinnamon dconf.

Did you see this? :

First thing I would do in your case, try to login to gnome with a working login and then update to the newest version, also the Extensions if available. If you just use the system with gnome for debugging you might behind with some apps.

If you are up to date, also check the option in Software > Updates , then try to deactivate the extensions to exclude problems with one of it.

Last option would be to test a new created user to see if it is some config who makes trouble.

If nothing helps please try to attach some info’s of your journal (see link above).

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I saw it but I couldn’t understand it.

try to login to gnome with a working login and then update to the newest version,

Would logging into Gnome Classic with Xorg be enough, or do I need to figure out a way to log in to the default version?

Yes this would be enough … just check that you have a up to date system. There was a problem lately where got fixed.

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I updated yesterday. No luck. I think I may have uninstalled one of Wayland’s dependencies, or set incompatible preferences, or something.

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journalctl --since=today |grep wayland

Check if you see something in the log file with the command above.

I updated again, and that seems to have solved it