Gnome is not working after upgrade from 29 to 30 (dnf)

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It was
Not sure whether I’ve spelt abseil correctly or not
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BTW - Gnome was still playing up and so I’ve removed all extensions. It’s OK now, but I’m moving on to a new desktop environment

If extensions are causing issues, please do file bugs with their developers. There isnt much the GNOME team can do about it :slightly_frowning_face:

Please refer to GNOME Shell extensions :: Fedora Docs for more information on disabling gnome-shell extensions. When gnome crashes, disabling all extensions is generally the first step to get it back working.

After a successful offline system upgrade of a Fedora 29 , GDM cannot boot into a GNOME Wayland nor into a GNOME via Xorg session. When trying GNOME classic, it displays a distorted desktop, showing only frameless windows of tray applications.

The system is fully accessible via the framebuffer console, autoconnects to WiFi and is else up and running.

From How to debug Wayland problems - Fedora Project Wiki we learn to check that journalctl -ab registers a core dump of gnome-shell, and also few errors with custom installed extensions right before.

mv ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions ~/tmp/
systemctl restart gdm

helped to restore the Wayland desktop session.


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