GNOME extensions update notification - use repository or website?

I have the package gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect.x86_64 installed, but I do get notifications that there is an update available for the GSConnect GNOME extension. Both are version 41. I do not like it to get update notifications when my system should be up-to-date.
What is the recommended way to install/update GNOME extensions? Via dnf or via the GNOME extensions website?
In general what should the strategy for Fedora be? Installing directly from the GNOME extensions website, or packaging the GNOME extensions?


These are mostly personal preferences.
Some people prefer to use Flatpak, others prefer RPM.
Sometimes you can choose the way, but sometimes there’s no alternative.

The site has a lot more extensions and their updates should arrive faster.
Also, it should be easier to manage them with no need to relogin to apply changes.

On the other hand, the repositories may provide some degree of additional security.
It may be easier to automate package management or configure a multi-user setup.

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There is an extension for that Extension Update Notifier - GNOME Shell Extensions :grinning:

Except it might be out of date abandoned? gnome-shell 3.32, etc? · Issue #19 · franglais125/update-extensions · GitHub

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