Gnome-control-center not working PlayStation 4

When I try to run gnome-control-center in a terminal it halts with
(gnome-control-center:4379): display-cc-panel-WARNING **: 20:46:35.784: no sunset data, using 16.00
(gnome-control-center:4379): display-cc-panel-WARNING **: 20:46:35.784: no sunrise data, using 8.00
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Any help greatfully received. Thanks

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I don’t know. What happens if you add -v (verbose) option? Does it give more informations?

(Out of curiosity, what does playstation have to do with it?)

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I’m away from my PlayStation at the moment so I’ll try the -v option as soon as.
Fedora is running on my PlayStation 4 but I only started using for Linux about 2 days ago so its a new experience.