Gnome Boxes, Spice and 3d


I’ve just started experimenting with Gnome boxes in my Fedora 35 installation.

I installed Ubuntu 22.04 and Fedora 35 KDE Spin in two VMs.
I’m not sure I understand how 3d and spice works…

I cannot enable 3d for the Ubuntu 22.04, but I seem to understand that’s not currently supported in that distribution (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Disables 3D Acceleration For Guest VMs With GNOME Boxes / Virt-Manager - Phoronix). However, Windows automatic resizing works and bidirectional copy-and-paste as well, as shown by the Properties dialog while the VM is running:

If I install on the guest the package spice-webdavd and restart, shared folders work as well

On the contrary, the Fedora 35 KDE VM, I can enable 3d. Sometimes the VM starts, while sometimes it doesn’t with an error…

automatic Windows resizing sometimes works sometimes it doesn’t (it looks like it never works when enabling 3d).

In any case, spice guest tools are not detected:

even though they are installed on the guest.

Thus, in this case, bidirectional copy-and-paste never works. However, when installing spice-webdavd on the guest, though spice guest tools are not detected, shared folder can be enabled:

By the way, this does not seem to be related to Wayland or X11 on the guest.

Any clue please?
Can it be related to bugs in Gnome boxes or in the guest OS? or to both :wink:

thanks in advance