GNOME Application Platform version 3.38 - repeats install

For several weeks now, software updates will show the GNOME Application Platform version 3.38 update is available. And each time I select to install, it will go through the motions and complete. Yet, as the updater refreshes seconds later, the same update appears again. Seems like it might do this forever.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is there a procedure I can perform to get the update to stick, or perhaps decide to cancel the update?

Or perhaps I should just let it keep going the way it is and hope for the best?


This is the flatpak platform is it not? Perhaps try flatpak repair to make sure your flatpak installation is ok.

About 10 or so Veryfying lines.
Checking remotes…
Pruning objects
Erasing .removed

It’s done with no other messages. I’d think that without messages suggesting errors were found or fixes were performed, things should be okay.