Gnome after upgrade F34->F35: No Power Off in system menu

After upgrading to F35 (gnome shell version 41.4), the entry “Power Off” disappeared from the gnome system menu - the submenu “Power Off/Log Out” now contains only the items “Log Out” and “Switch User”. Why did it happen (without any communication in the release notes) and how can I restore the Power Off menu item?

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Is someone else logged in to the machine also? I’ll have to double-check this, but when there is more than one user logged in, I seem to recall that the menu changes. So, you can now log out or switch to the other user, but it won’t let you power off because someone else is logged in (you can power off but I think you need to be a superuser/admin and it will tell you that someone else is logged in and ask you to confirm).

If you are the only user logged in, you should be able to power off. I’m on F35 now on Gnome, and as the only user that’s logged into the machine, I have the poweroff option here.

Thank you, Ankur. No, I am the only one logged in on the machine (it is a virtual machine running under Oracle VirtualBox), and as said, the problem appears only after the upgrade.

What naturally works is going to superuser shell and start ‘halt’ or ‘shutdown’, but it is a bit cumbersome.


— Tom

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Is the user you work with, on your host, in the virtualbox group?
Check in terminal groups.

I think I have traced down the probem. I installed the arc menu extension; here the power down option was offered, but had no effect - yet in the log file, I have found the JavaScript message that the action power-off be not available.
I assume the problem is changed handling of ACPI. Before the upgrade (from F34 to F35, i.e. to linux 5.16.12) sending the ACPI switch off signal to the virtual machine resulted in the immediate abort and power down of the system. Now after the upgrade, sending ACPI switch off signal results to a controlled shutdown. Which is OK for me, sending ACPI switch off is done directly from the VBox menu, so powering down is simple.

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