Gnome 40.2 update is missing

hi, as wikipedia says

Gnome Stable release: 40.2 / 8 June 2021; 23 days ago

But on my machine gnome version is 40.1

& my system says all softwares are up to date.

why i havn’t received update of gnome 40.2?

then why are this update is not displaying on my new computer?

Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong. The version number within “About” is obtained from /usr/share/gnome/gnome-version.xml, which is provided by package gnome-desktop3, it’s still version 40.1-1 for Fedora 34. (40.2-1 for rawhide)

gnome-shell is on 40.2-1 tho, you can check with command gnome-shell --version.


40.2: Pushed to stable about a month ago:

40.3: currently in testing repository :


Did your system has gnome 40.2 or 40.1?

40.2 for gnome-shell and mutter. (if you meant on Settings > About, it’s 40.1)
You can also run command dnf list installed *gnome* *mutter* to check versions of packages if you didn’t know. Most packages are still on version 40.1/40.0.

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Thank you for your kind support :blush:

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One thing to be aware of always.

The upstream versions are not instantly available in fedora. It takes some time for the package updates to be received, tested, and distributed, so there is always some delay between when the upstream maintainers release the update and when it hits the fedora updates.

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