GILDAS will not compile, despite completing dependencies

I have already installed gtk4 and other dependencies, but Gildas won’t compile. Please help?

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Hi @ieats2 , welcome to the community. Please take a moment to go through the introductory posts in the #start-here category if you’ve not had the chance yet.

I see an error right on top:

“GTK +2.0 not found on your system”.

So that’s a missing dependency. You need gtk2, not 4:

sudo dnf install gtk2-devel

should hopefully do it.

fftw is also in the repos:

sudo dnf install fftw-devel

Next, I don’t know what “redefine-path” does, but it looks like a shell script but it cannot find basename, cat, and getopt. These are provided by the coreutils and util-linux packages, so you should install those and retry:

sudo dnf install /usr/bin/basename /usr/bin/cat /usr/bin/getopt

will do it.

Could you please:

  • edit your summary to link to Gildas’s website or something, so forum users know what it is?
  • replace the screenshot with the text output (screenshots are images and cannot be searched, nor can we quote text from them without having to manually type it all in, so text is preferred, especially for command output).