Usage: brightnessctl [options] [operation] [value] Options: -l, --list list devices with available brightness controls. -q, --quiet suppress output. -p, --pretend do not perform write operations. -m, --machine-readable produce machine-readable output. -n, --min-value set minimum brightness, defaults to 1. -e, --exponent[=K] changes percentage curve to exponential. -s, --save save previous state in a temporary file. -r, --restore restore previous saved state. -h, --help print this help. -d, --device=DEVICE specify device name (can be a wildcard). -c, --class=CLASS specify device class. -V, --version print version and exit. Operations: i, info get device info. g, get get current brightness of the device. m, max get maximum brightness of the device. s, set VALUE set brightness of the device. Valid values: specific value Example: 500 percentage value Example: 50% specific delta Example: 50- or +10 percentage delta Example: 50%- or +10%

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