Getting Fedora Badges Back in Shape

Hi folks! :wave: I am working on catching up on the Badges discussion from where I left off together with @cverna a while back.

Since we are spread out across many time zones, let’s use a meeting poll to make this easier! All interested folks can fill this out and paint the times in the table that you are available. Make sure to select your time zone before painting your free times.

@eocarrol @gui1ty @riecatnor @erolkeskin and anyone else interested, would y’all mind filling out this poll by the end of next week?

The results can be viewed here.

There is not an easy way and I don’t know of tooling that will do this like we had in 2015/2016 when we moved from Trac to Pagure. The APIs are theoretically there, but someone has to do it :slightly_smiling_face: That said, I think this discussion should go into a new thread because it is a challenged faced by multiple teams.

Per fedora-infrastructure#10953, I can help archive the mailing list once the 22 November deadline passes.


I filled in my availability and so has Ankit Sinha (@ank22 in FAS[1]), who’s a developer and would like to help out in rewriting/refactoring the badges backend.

I know that @erolkeskin hasn’t had much time to spare for Fedora the past couple of weeks. I sent him a mail asking him to provide his availability if possible.

  1. Seems he hasn’t logged in to Discussion yet. I’ll drop him a line to do so, so he can be pinged. ↩︎

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We’re at five responses in the Whenisgood so far, which is pretty good. We’ll wait a few more days for folks to get a chance to paint in their times.

Since we have a wide span of time zones, we could also consider meetings at alternating times, e.g. an early meeting and a late meeting time.

Hiya- I just added my availability to the whenisgood :smile:


Based on current submissions, these would be two possible slots for alternating meetings:

  • Every first week of month: Thursdays, 14:00 UTC
  • Every third week of month: Thursdays, 16:00 UTC
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Looks like there’s not one slot that fits everybody. I could add 18:00 (17:00 UTC) as well to my availability in even weeks[1]. I’m also generally available in the late evenings from 20:00 - 23:00 UTC and in the morning from 10:00 - 12:00 UTC. All of these options I could not express in WhenIsGood.

  1. Since the definition of when to start counting the first week of the year differs per locale: next week, starting Monday[2], 14 November, is an even week in my calendar. ↩︎

  2. Yes, the first day of the week is also locale dependent… (time travel is never going to happen this way) ↩︎

Hey folks! In the Whenisgood poll, Thursday at 16:00 was the most popular time to meet. I can’t make 8 December but I could make 15 December. What do folks think about holding a kickoff meeting on Thursday, 15 December at 16:00 UTC?

I had a chat with @eocarrol today and we discussed about getting things going with Fedora Badges meetings. Since the holiday time is fast approaching, we thought we could hold one introductory meeting in December for folks to get to know each other better, and then we could get into the heart of the work after the new year.

For instance, the Red Hat CPE team is beginning to collect information and details about Fedora Badges for an internal planning process for their team. I’m hoping we can make a general timeline for how we will approach the first few months of meeting with Fedora Badges stakeholders.

I will wait to hear if there are objections to 15 December for a low-key intro chat and Fedora Badges community social. Otherwise, I will set up an invite and try to find emails for folks to send a calendar invite.

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That’s fine with me as things currently stand and 15 December happens to be in an even week. That increases chances for me. :sunglasses:

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Super! I went ahead and created a calendar invite for the social / kick-off meeting. I sent an email invitation to everyone from this thread whose email I could find. If anyone wants to be added to that calendar invite with the link to the video conferencing room, please ping me for it on Matrix or LiberaChat IRC jwf.

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A quick update that our year-end social is happening on Thursday, 15 December at 16:00 UTC. More details and an agenda below!

Oops… I think I accidentally missed this, @riecatnor! I think I have a few badge designs which do require some feedback and review. I’ll tag you in those tickets as well, and take up new ones along the way. Excited to be here! :blush:

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