Fedora 36 beta can be assumed to be the current release

I just read a topic in ask.fp where a user seemed to assume that Fedora 36 is the current Fedora release (this thread). I was a bit wondering, but then I checked Download Fedora Workstation .

If Fedora wants to be a system not only for advanced users, it should not assume that everyone knows what “beta” means. Indeed, users who don’t know the meaning of the term, tend to simply download what is the newest version (I mean, we always tell them to keep their system up to date :smiley:).

Does it make sense that the beta version is put on the major download page next to the release without any additional warning/information/separation? The comment “Beta!” is not sufficient for everyone.

What do you think?


I agree with you - when did this change?

At the very least the Beta “warning” should be much more visible this, but listing the pre-release right next to the release is too confusing.


I don’t know. I just became aware of it when we had the issue at ask.fp 3 days ago.