Get Plasma Bigscreen in repos

I’d love to try out plasma bigscreen while staying in the Fedora ecosystem.

I’ve got a Vero4K+ box running OSMC but rpm-ostree, 64-bit userspace and Plasma Bigscreen sounds very tempting.

Hi @ruzko! This looks interesting… is this something you’re interested in working on?

@mattdm, I’m interested, yea. Though I’ve never tried packaging something before, so I might need some pointers

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It an be a little intimidating because there are really three things to learn:

  1. How to build the software itself
  2. How to create a spec file and build an RPM
  3. Fedora’s rules and policies for making what we consider good RPMs.

The easiest route, I think is to use a basic guide like this one to get started with the basics, and once you’ve got something basically working, use COPR to build. This lets you share unofficial packages.

Then, you can adapt those to fit the Fedora Packaging Guidelines and work towards becoming an official packager. (These guidelines can also be useful if you have a “how do I do this?” question along the way, and they have some nice examples. But you don’t need to worry about conforming to them perfectly on first pass.

Intimidating indeed.
I tried wrapping my head around it, but couldn’t with the time and capacity available to me at this time.

I see there’s something going on here and especially here though, so I’m glad to see it’s being worked on :smile: