Get error when trying to install Fedora Silverblue 32 with several ssd


I am trying to install Fedora Silverblue 32 i have two ssd:s and one hdd. I would like to install root and efi partition on one SSD and home on the other. And finally i would like to use the hdd as extra space.

When i try to install with all harddrives partioned and mounted i get an fatal error 32 but when i only use one harddrive and install everything on that the installation goes fine.

I have tried both manual and Blivet.
Isnt it possible to separate the harddrives to have root on one, home on one and extra data on another?

I have the following:

/boot 1 GB
/boot/efi 500 MB

LVM with both ssd:s with to partitions
/ 200 GB
/home 500 GB

One LVM for the hdd with one partition
/data 930 GB


With Silverblue, you need to place all your custom mountpoints below /var:

  • /var/home
  • /var/mydata

See the Manual Partitioning section from the Silverblue documentation for more details.

Thanks @siosm i have finally installed Silverblue F32:)