Generating a custom image changelog with rpm-ostree db diff

Hi folks!

I am trying to generate a changelog for my custom image. When I run rpm-ostree db diff --changelogs locally it does exactly what I need, it shows me all of the changes upstream that I’m getting from Fedora and it’s even formatted already!

So I tried

RUN rpm-ostree db diff --changelogs > /etc/changelog && \
    ostree container commit

In my containerfile to see if this could work, I figured later on in an action I can just read that file and send it to a github releases generator action.

However I got a build error but then I figured it might be worth doublechecking if it would even work in this manner.

Am I going about this the wrong way? Or is there a better approach to ingest the package updates from the upstream image? Thanks!

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I think that db diff looks at the difference between two deployments (maybe it also work with commits but I’m not sure). In a container, you only have one commit until you ostree container commit.