Gdm: on_display_added: assertion 'GDM_IS_REMOTE_DISPLAY (display)' failed

Hello all, i got this error inside logs but i can log in without problems in Fedora 40, so i don’t get why i see this message

Remote desktop is not enabled

this is my installed firmware

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```dnf list installed *firmware
Pacchetti installati
alsa-sof-firmware.noarch                  2024.03-2.fc40               @anaconda
amd-gpu-firmware.noarch                   20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
amd-ucode-firmware.noarch                 20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
atheros-firmware.noarch                   20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
brcmfmac-firmware.noarch                  20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
cirrus-audio-firmware.noarch              20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
intel-audio-firmware.noarch               20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
intel-gpu-firmware.noarch                 20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
iwlegacy-firmware.noarch                  20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
iwlwifi-dvm-firmware.noarch               20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
iwlwifi-mvm-firmware.noarch               20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
libertas-firmware.noarch                  20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
linux-firmware.noarch                     20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
mt7xxx-firmware.noarch                    20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
nvidia-gpu-firmware.noarch                20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
nxpwireless-firmware.noarch               20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
realtek-firmware.noarch                   20240513-1.fc40              @updates 
tiwilink-firmware.noarch                  20240513-1.fc40              @update

I get the same error message!

Please let me know if and how I can help fix this.

Gdm: on_display_added: assertion 'GDM_IS_REMOTE_DISPLAY (display)' failed
Gdm: on_display_removed: assertion 'GDM_IS_REMOTE_DISPLAY (display)' failed

I have these two, it feels like they are new recently. The only thing I have done recently is to install the NVIDIA graphics card driver.

journalctl -b

My video is intel … so i guess it is not depending on nvidia driver?!

I also have the message before and after posted to see what is going on.

Gdm: GdmManager: client with pid 1197 disconnected
Gdm: on_display_removed: assertion 'GDM_IS_REMOTE_DISPLAY (display)' failed
Gdm: GdmDisplayStore: Unreffing display: 0x5555f1995ce0

This problem does not seem specific to Fedora 40. I have seen this error report appear in syslog since June 2, 2024 using three different PCs, with AMD and Intel CPUs with different graphics adapters ONLY AFTER UPDATING from a base installation of FC40 or Ubuntu Gnome. The problem has been fatal with both FC40 and Ubuntu workstation installations on older AMD x86_64 hardware APU with graphics. The problem occured as well with a Silverblue installation ONLY AFTER UPDATING.

Hi everyone, I have the same issue.
Also GNOME session crashes when I lock the screen.