GDM: Disable Fingerprint on first login

Hi Community,

is there a way to disable the Fingerprint login in GDM after boot? my Lenovo T14s has an integrated Reader in it’s power button and will scan every time i turn on my laptop thus logs me in automatically. I just want to use my fingerprints for lock/unlock my workstation but not for sign in.


Stange. If the computer is turned off, then you push the power button: before GDM appears, there is the bios, the boot process, the hardware drivers to be loaded, how is it possible that the scan reader remember the fingerprint and pass it to GDM?
Are you sure that you don’t have automatic login enabled in GNOME settings?

Yeah, absolutely sure:

it’s not soo hard to accomplish this, because a fingerprint verification is done by the hardware itself, it will never leave it, The OS just gets a Success/Failed response.

So, all you have to do is to save this result while turning on the machine in the readers local memory and pass it as soon as an App request for fingerprint. my Workaround for now is to turn on the machine with an unregistered fingerprint - this leads to the message “fingerprint verification failed”.

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Make sense. Didn’t know this possibility. Thanks.