GDM crashes


I turned on my laptop from a complete power off but I can’t log in, after inserting password it goes into an infinity loop (I waited more than 5 minutes) so I pressed Esc to abandon the process and tried too reboot but caused in GDM crash and I couldn’t move cursor anymore, however that fixed after a few seconds but reboot didn’t happen, I tried to shutdown and same result but this time that power button is simply vanished! Tried to enter tty3 and again everything crashes.
However it’s completely responsive to wrong password.
I don’t use extra extension, theme or even font.
No update or installing new package before shutting down.

Guess force poweroff is my only choice, is it safe?

OK whatever, I’m doing it

OK nothing bad happened and now it’s working

Not related (grumbling)
I’ve been using Fedora since Fedora 33 and it broke on me only 2 times, both times on F38, honestly it make me think about using another distro until F39 release

Many laptops don’t have “complete power off”, only different sleep and hibernation states.

It isn’t clear from your description what state the system was in. Were keyboard caplock and numlock lights resonding? Did <ctrl-alt-3> go to a text console? Have you look at journalctl entries for the boot that failed?

Some kernels introduce more changes than others, and distro vary in when changes are activated. Many linux developers are paid to make their employers hardware work on newer hardware, so hardware that was similar to what devs used a few years ago is now only used by customers who have not contributed to the payroll by upgrading equipment. At some point, support for older hardware gets neglected, so the longer you use a distro on the same PC the more issues you will encounter with new releases.

When you encounter problems it is important to ensure that all vendor BIOS and Fedora updated have been applied. For some vendors, the fwupdpackage avoids the need to boot another OS. Some issues aren’t reproducble because they were due to lags between distro changes and vendor firmware fixes or were fixed by updates.

Many of the reproducible issues I have encountered were simple mistakes implementing new features without testing the impact on old hardware. By the time I discover the issue a patch is already available thanks to other users’ bug reports, but it can still take some time for the patch to appear in the distro kernel.