GCI 2018 mentor's summit @ Google headquarters

(Submitted by @siddharthvipul via IRC message from @sumantrom)


@siddharthvipul, I rewrote your first paragraph to make it less of a copy/paste from the GCI website. I also moved a paragraph that was further down to near the top so that it flows better and gives a better preview of what’s “above the fold” (e.g. above the Read More element). I made a few small grammatical changes as well.

I don’t know that the list of items broken down by each day adds much to the reader. Would you mind providing a small paragraph for each one that describes what you did/experienced?

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Thank you for the modifications, much appreciated.
and yes, I will write small paragraphs for each day and remove bullet points.
This was first intended as a report and later a blog. Guess should have changed it since the beginning.
Will do in a couple of hours after a few meetings :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks! I’m out of the office tomorrow and Friday, so I’ll check it out on Monday.

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