GCC 7.3 for CUDA 9.2

I’m looking for a solution to acquire GCC 7.3 for F31. I’m using NVidia FleX that requires CUDA 9.2, and the latest compiler that it works with is GCC 7.3.
In earlier Fedora releases I was using cuda-gcc from negativo-17, but only 8.3 is available there now, which exits with errors.
Rpmfusion recommends installing an old toolset and switching toolsets before build (Howto/CUDA - RPM Fusion), but it seems a bit complicated compared to installing cuda-gcc and symlinking it into the CUDA binary directory as it used to work before.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Build the rpms from negativo-17’s old spec file. Available here if anyone needs it in the future:

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