FLAC files are great to archive a music collection. They provide lossless audio and are ideal for home audio. However, portable devices (phones, sansa portable players etc.) don't require lossless quality and often times lack storage. Lossy formats such as opus, ogg, mp3, aac offer the best compromise of storage requirements and quality. The process of converting FLAC files to Lossy formats and preserving tag information can be a bit tedious using the standard command line utilities. I wanted something simple that I could easily invoke from the command line that would simplify the process and preserve my existing directory structure and naming conventions. transflac is designed to automate this task. transflac starts processing at the specified input_flac_directory and recursively walks the directory structure converting each FLAC audio file to the specified lossy codec - preserving all associated tag information and your existing naming conventions. Additionally, any cover art (stored in the directory structure as folder.jpg) will be duplicated in the target lossy directories. File conversion is performed using parallel processes up to the number of CPUs you have on your machine.

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