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Hey Folks,

anyone of you, who play Games with Linux ( Fedora) - and can say: all works fine - it make Sence and Fun?

Can you tell me,
first: what Steps are you doing, to have all fine installed ( Tools, Plugins, Codecs…)
second: what Games are to playing in Linux (Fedora)?

Thanks for help.

Maybe we can find a interesting List of Games, who are prefered for: Amazing Game
( so everyone, who are interesting in Games, can look to the List : example: 3 Categories: Genre/Game Titel/Point for Quality (1: extrem bad, 10: amazing/from another planet)



Lots of us. Games work very well, as long as you’re not trying to play Windows games.

For codecs and so on, please look at this quick-doc:

We discourage polling on the forums, so let’s not do this. There are plenty of resources online that you can search for.

Take a look at the Games spin for a start:

You can use Gnome-software to look for games. People give ratings there also.


You can get the Steam Client from

  • RPMFusion nonfree (dnf info steam) or
  • Flathub (flatpak search steam)

Choose either one, and Steam will offer a lot of native Linux games.

There also was a recent article about running games on stadia on Fedora: Play Stadia Games from Fedora - Fedora Magazine

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Lots of us. Games work very well, as long as you’re not trying to play Windows games.

Windows games run just fine (or even better than on Windows) when using Lutris ( DXVK (MESA/Vulkan) and an proper AMD GPU (Vega64 or similar)

Additionally there are quite a lot more or less native Linux ports of DRM-free games on if you want to support Linux gaming market

I just recently installed Steam via Flathub and it works great. Tried XCOM Enemy Within and I was amazed at how well it runs and how good it looks! I know that this game is fairly old, but mind that I’m running it on a AMD Ryzen 3500U with Vega 8 iGPU.

On the other hand I recently tried the open-source arena shooter Xonotic (although this was on Ubuntu 20.04) and based on the screenshots I would’ve anticipated this runs with 100+fps, but in reality it didn’t even manage to reach stable 30 fps at 640x480 (!). Any ideas?

If this was on Fedora: you should open a different question for this. (We try to keep topics limited in focus so that when a solution is selected, it fits the initial query).


Hi Folks


Fedora 32 with Steam , Lutris and Co.
@rbirkner: are you know, about very good Video, you know.
so, i can see, which Steps to do - maybe some special Setttings…

Thank You and thank for all

There is really nothing special about the video setting, what works best for me is the following with Lutris for Windows games:

  1. Use the most recent WINE runner (at the moment version 5.7)
  2. Set the desktop resolution to that you want to use in the game
  3. Enable all DXVK (most recent version 1.6+) , VKD3D and Esync
  4. For some games you might enforce ALSA audio-driver (instead the default pulse-audio) when having issues with sound
  5. GOG releases run most of the time out-of-the-box

That’s pretty it


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