Games slow on Fedora 38 after july updates

Hi all

I have used Fedora 38 since it was released and it has been working fine and games ran great through Steam and proton. After holiday in July I installed updates and now all games run like poo. Fx Hitman 3, where before it rand 120 fps locked on my 4k screen in menus and 80+ in game with my settings and upscaling. Now only about 19 fps. Same in Fallout New vegas. Before locked 120 fps, now 40 variable. Cities skyline now only 10 fps. Cyberpunk down from 70 to 10 fps.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Changed to EndeavourOS. Same issue as Fedora
  • Changed to Ubuntu 23.04 and works normally. Same with FerenOS, KDE Neon, Manjaro.
  • Installed Fedora 37. Worked fine till I updated.
  • Installed Fedora 38 again and worked fine until I updated to get som codecs working. After that fps tanked.
  • No change between Wayland or
  • Installed ProtonGE after updates and tested. Still low fps.

Is there a fix on the way or is there a way to roll back updates for Mesa, so I can test that?

AMD Ryzen 7 5700X
32GB Ram
AMD Radeon 6700XT
Kernel 6.4.10-200
Mesa 23.1.5

Just saw this post: Poor performance on F38 after latest update

If i force grub menu and select previous with kernel 6.2.9, games now play with high fps.