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Instructions not filled in by author. Author knows what to do. Everybody else should avoid this repo.

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Build failed on Fedora

it’s expected right now. i’m working on making the spec file compatible with openSUSE

You should probably create a new package in the project that runs off of git, and use this one package just for stable releases (now that 5.0 has been officially released)

the package is already using stable releases

Thanks for packaging it up. Wondering if you could also do a build for ppc64le? (especially for the Fedora 37)

upstream doesn’t support ppc64le, sadly

Oh I see. What a pity that they don’t want to support ppc64le.

I can compile prismlauncher successfully locally and COPR also has ppc64le worker. Wondering if you could make an exception for me?

@tle hey sorry for the wait, i hadn’t figured out how to get my forum level up and i’ve been sick for the last few days :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

i talked to one of the maintainers and currently, the meta server doesn’t support any native jars for ppc64le - so i don’t think it would be beneficial to build for it at the time being. i looked into it a little further as well, and key dependencies such as LWJGL are similar in not distributing ppc64le upstream (see the releases here). the only way this architecture could be supported would be for someone to host their own meta server and provide the jars there. since ppc64le isn’t officially supported though, there isn’t a guarantee for compatibility in future versions, so even that work might not be worthwhile

sorry again!

Health and family first, you don’t have to apologise for that. The community have to thank you instead.

LWJGL indeed does not support ppc64le out-of-the-box and requires few patches. The project’s seems okay to support ppc64le so I am working on it to get ppc64le in. Perhaps then we could revisit this topic.

Thanks much

yeah make sure you keep this updated! there’s been some requests in the community’s discord server for this as well, so if upstream LWJGL supports it, maybe the maintainers will be willing to distribute their natives :grinning: