FYI: upcoming rearrangement of Ask Fedora subcategories

Sometime in the next week, I’m going to implement a planned change to the :category_ask: Ask Fedora subcategory structure.

Specifically, I’m going to

  • create a new “Start Here” category, which will contain help and guide posts (like those currently at the top level)
  • move all “Ask in English” posts to just Ask Fedora, and remove Ask in English
  • change the layout from the boxes at the top to something else.

This will simplify things, and particularly, resolve the confusion over having a top-level “Ask” category where most users can’t post. The resulting hierarchy will look like this:

  • Ask Fedora
    • Start Here!
    • Ask in Other Languages
    • Common Issues
      • Proposed Common Issues
      • Archived Common Issues

I will put redirects in place so that current links should all continue to work. You may want to adjust your notification settings after the change.


Sounds great! looks like this change will make it easier to find information and ask questions correctly.

Not trying to make waves but it seems to me a solution like Facebook has on posts would be a great opportunity to become more user friendly in that there is a translation option for text in a post. But I don’t know if people of other languages have this same option to translate from english to their own language but I assume they do. And I don’t know how difficult that might be to implement here.

Just a thought

Feel free to make waves. :classic_smiley:

There is a translation plugin for Discourse (the software that powers this site), but that works by sending the message to a translation API service. We need to work out the details of which such service we might use — either find someone who will donate use of their API, or find interest in running LibreTranslate

Thanks for your prompt response :grinning:

This is now complete, although I’m still figuring out what the exact subcategory presentation should be. Please report any problems by posting in Site Help & Feedback.

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