FYI: new "Council Workspace" category

We’ve created a new category, Council Workspace. This is meant to be, as the name suggests, a place for drafts, checklists-in-progress, etc. This gives us a central location to collect and collaborate — rather than doing these things somewhere scattered like hackmd or, you know, Google Docs.

This category is open to all to read, but restricted to Council members for posting. That isn’t meant to discourage other collaboration — if you see something you want to comment on, you are encouraged to reply as a linked topic[1] in this (:category_project: Project Discussion) category.

We’ve also agreed to use tickets for more of our work items, and tasks and I’m going to update t2dbot to direct its linked topics there. That gives us a chance to file “placeholder” tickets in the Council tracker before they’re fully-formed, and to create mere work-tracking tickets which usually don’t need discussion.[2] Crucially, automated posts reduce[3] signal-to-noise for lists, and this will help keep the Discussion category useful for humans.[4]

  1. See Site tip: create linked topics for deep dives or tangents - Fedora Discussion ↩︎

  2. Again, that doesn’t mean they’re closed to all comments, just not immediately broadcast. ↩︎

  3. sometimes, crush ↩︎

  4. This has nothing to do with ChatGPT. I swear. ↩︎

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Note that I have not yet updated t2dbot. It’s on my list, though.

Not sure I understand how Pagure ticket discussions will work. Are we still supposed to discuss tickets on Discourse? But now, only Council members will be able to reply to these automatically-generated topics? How will people not in the Council engage in a ticket-driven discussion? I feel like this approach might be shutting out a lot of feedback and participation. Are we over-complicating our existing workflow with this category?