FYI: Known issue: Ask Fedora redirects aren't landing in the right places

If you followed an Ask Fedora link to get here, you might have ended up on the wrong post. We know about this and the Discourse staff are working on it.

Likewise, does not take you directly to Ask Fedora — but it will!

Sorry for the inconvenience. All of the posts and accounts are here, so you should be able to find and resume where you left off.


I had the following link in my wiki:
slethen/Darktable-dev - #2 - Fedora Discussion

forwarding gets wrongly to :

Correct would be:
Can make DNF cache system wide instead of per user? - #2 by vgaetera

I.e. Popular third-party RPMs fail to install/update/remove due to security policies verification

points to frantisekz/mozjs91

Or the one in this post Silverblue update cant be applied - #4 by alciregi leads to the same post in the Projects in Copr category as well.

I don’t know if the issue is the same as this one Something happened to quoted text

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I confirm the issue.

The converted link after merging:

Now it redirects to a wrong thread with matching ID, but different title:

The correct thread with matching title, but different ID:

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Ooh and it seems that also links referenced on search engines, point to the wrong post.

leads to

This is now fixed — thanks, Discourse / CDCK team for figuring out and resolving the problem!

Note that currently only exact URLs work, not ones that need rewriting. So should work (let’s try: Cant install kernel package - Fedora Discussion), but won’t (

Discourse is working on a solution for this. We’ll also figure out user profile links and other less urgent things.

It does appear that short topic URLs like do work, at least. (Cant install kernel package - Fedora Discussion). Oooh – and categories do too, like: Common Issues - Fedora Discussion

Another broken one is which previously went to the front page but now redirects to which is giving a 404 page.

I guess you look for that right?

This should be addressed now.

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The release notes at contain, in the menu on the left, a link to common bugs at, but clicking it gives a 404.

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Necromancy again, but for good reason.

This is apparently not entirely fixed, I’m afraid.

Earlier tonight I happened to revisit the topic @bennyisaiah posted, Delta rpms: wasted? where I had replied and linked to an older Ask topic of mine using this URL:

To my very great surprise, that link no longer goes to the intended topic, but instead hits this one:

Just as was reported previously, correct ID, wrong post.

Interestingly, if I remove the ID, and instead use this URL:

That link DOES reach the intended post (despite not OneBoxing or whatever, here):

Unfortunately, the edit window for my original comment expired over a year ago, so I can no longer correct the link.

There’s another example of link breakage here:

Ping @mattdm

Ugh, thanks @kparal and @ferdnyc. I’ll look into it with Discourse support.

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