Fyi added and to the "not spam links" list

Because a number of new users got erroneously put in the moderation queue for this, I’ve added them to the allow list.



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@mattdm, the mentioned service has serious issues:

  • Long names are inconvenient to type, and seems broken.
  • The longest time to keep the paste is just 1 day.

So, looks like a better option in many cases.

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This is configured by Fedora infrastructure, probably to ensure that it isn’t used as a file hosting service. You can file a ticket with them to change that.

That’s another thing that infra need to be informed about. Maybe the DNS needs updating.


We don’t suggest third party pastebins because:

  • it isn’t easy to get fpaste to work with all of them (and then keep it working)
  • we cannot ensure privacy etc. on third party services.

With paste.fp.o, we know exactly what the privacy policy etc. is. (and we don’t use advertisements on our platforms etc.)