Fwupd regression in Silverblue 34?

I just did a clean install of Silverblue 34 onto my laptop, and fwupd informs me that I have a firmware upgrade waiting for one of the devices on my laptop. I have successfully used previous versions of Silverblue and fwupdmgr to apply firmware updates to this laptop in the past. However, this time around, the process fails at a point where fwupd is trying to create a symlink at /system-update that points to /var/lib/fwupd. The failure is because the root directory is read-only in Silverblue and it isn’t clear why fwupd would be trying to create a symlink there regardless.

Does anyone have any ideas about a possible workaround / fix?

[Update: I’ve opened a bug against fwupd - we’ll see what happens with that]

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