Fwupd fails to update Dell firmware

I’m trying to update my Dell UEFI firmware through fwupd, but it fails with the following message when trying to uncompress the firmware package:

FuEngine             could not add metadata for dell: no plugin dell found
/run/media/root/ANACONDA does not have sufficient space, required 50,3 MB, got 475,1 kB

What could it be?

How much space is left on /boot/efi? It’s just a wild guess, but I remember reading something about Fedora plans to go with a larger EFI partition in the future, because it would be used for firmware updates and smaller ones could lead to problems. But - like I said - just a guess.

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same issue here: Updating does not work - "Capsules not found" · Issue #5748 · fwupd/fwupd · GitHub

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My /boot/efi partition has 600MB, with only 22MB used at the moment.