Funding for multi-year overview of translation progress per language in Fedora

hi community,

I forgot where to ask for funding, I remember fedora council may be the place?
could you please share the steps to do so and what is generally accepted or not?

search gave me this: Fedora Budget Site Fedora Budget | Fedora Budget FAQs | Introduction but it looks dead now.

thanks for your help

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You should contact the mindshare committee.
Requests used to be addressed to it by filing a ticket on pagure. Now the repository eventually moved to gitlab: fedora / Mindshare Committee / Home - Tickets and Decisions · GitLab
If you file a new issue, you can find various ticket templates.

More info: Advocate Program :: Fedora Docs

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I think it depends on what funding is being requested and for what purpose. Is this about events, Weblate, or something else? It is true that event-related requests belong with the Mindshare Committee, but other requests might need to go somewhere else.

thanks for your answers!

I’m trying to prepare a talk for FOSDEM 2024 with data form
but it requires to process 2 Terabytes of data from fedora packages to extract translations.

The goal is to have a multi-year overview of translation progress per language in the Linux ecosystem. This of course, aim at better understand how healthy is the community, and to get hints on how to improve its efficiency.

As far as I know, this is really something that exist nowhere else in open source world, and as such, it fit in our “First” foundation.

Unfortunately, this work killed one of my hard drives.
If loosing one is no big deal, it would annoy me to loose one more.

Question here is double: would Fedora community provide funding for this FOSDEM 2024 initiative?
May this funding include an hard drive if I loose a second one?

@jibecfed This is the right place to discuss this topic. I updated the topic title accordingly.

Is this goal for many Linux distributions or just Fedora? I am wondering how many moving pieces there are here.

These sound like noble purposes.

Oh no! :astonished: I am sorry that happened.

I am curious to better understand your work, what you are doing, and how you plan to present it. Do you have key questions that this project would help answer? What kind of improvements do you hope to come out of it? Is there a usefulness for this beyond FOSDEM 2023?

What specifically do you need funded?

This work is using Fedora only data, it starts at Fedora 7 (timeline: from 2008-06-13 and 2008-06-13) and ends at Fedora 39. Which means this covers more than 15 years of data.
I know I could do something equivalent with Android data, but never really tried it.
I don’t see the point in using other Linux distribution data for now, but this should be doable.

What’s the current state of translation of the Linux operating system?
How does this work for big communities?
How does this work for smaller communities?
Is our way of translating free software sustainable?

I feel like the FLOSS community never had the opportunity to have data to allow global discussion on this subject.
This aims at being a discussion starter. Whatever we want to improve, this may take some time to have a significant impact. This may result in communicating the state of FLOSS translation in multiple places to gather support and set-up collaboration.

One page A5 flyer with key data on Fedora booth.
Translation specific stickers (using data for this talk)
I’ll go there by train and will need an hotel room. If at least hosting could be funded by Fedora, it would be great.
The symbolic hard drive (hopefully this won’t be necessary).

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OK, that makes sense. I was trying to understand your scope. I edited the topic title to reflect that you are only looking at Fedora data for this project.

If we are only looking at Fedora data, are we able to responsibly represent the state of the entire Linux ecosystem?

I would like to hear more about this.

A new hard drive could be hard. But the rest seems like reasonable asks.

I have not started to organize the Fedora presence at FOSDEM yet, but this seems like a well-justified use for our travel funding to get you there and talk more about this. I hope to have more public information about FOSDEM travel sponsorship for Fedora contributors engaging at FOSDEM.

Have you thought about submitting this for the Distributions Devroom or did you have another dev room in mind?

The timeline for creating new swag is tight, but if we got a sticker design created by the Fedora Design Team before the end of December, I think there is a reasonable chance that we could get something produced by FOSDEM. I have not actually ordered new swag for Fedora since I joined Red Hat (despite a couple of attempts), so it would be a new experience for me too.

@jibecfed, do you know the current process for requesting a new swag design?

Well, assumption is: there is no reasons translation in Fedora selected software are working better or worse than any other open-source software. I count 22916 packages in Fedora 39.

please attend the talk! :smiley:

I think the translations devroom is the place to start talking about this: FOSDEM 2024 - Translations
Would the distribution devroom more appropriate?

I can print in my city at a really cheap price (associative printers making good prices for friendly initiatives), I’ll only need help from design team to make it nicer :wink:

As a proof this is something real, here are all the stats I’ll use: (csv files) (json files, much bigger)

this were done with help of @darknao for infra and many python stuff.
I’ll also have the help of a datascientist (which is not yet a Fedora contributor) to process this data.