[fun] 😊 What does your Fedora background look like?

How come nobody is sticking with the default Fedora wallpaper? Is anyone?

For the majority of the time I stay with default, but then my dog is doing something cute and I need to put her on my screen.

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I do but I want to see some changes as well. I even have favorite release wallpapers as well.



Please share that wallpaper

Here you go

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This is for night. Almost the same for day but, no bright moon, just round rock.

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That’s one sexy wallpaper you got there

I borrowed it from Chrome OS. They added a collection of wallpapers called Radiance, that is very nice!
This image is from artist Daniel Medina you can checkout his work on behance (Daniel Medina Profile).

Oh ok…i will check it out indeed :blush:

My Fedora 37 Workstation laptop (my main computer).

Day theme:

Night theme:


Was using a Windows computer for gaming, alongside a Mac for work/coding. Now dual-booting and only occasionally using the Windows partition for some games that still don’t work on Linux :slight_smile:

Fedora is awesome!

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Charles Chaplin - The Kid from 1921

Avatar 2

Retro Art


New background…summer feeling

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KDE Widgets are just amazing!


Little big icons to my taste but wallpaper looks nice

The task bar ones? Yep, but unfortunately I haven`t found the way to make them smaller… They auto-resize :frowning: As you open more applications they become smaller.

I like the Charlie Chaplin wallpaper. How do you get the time/date to display like that on the desktop?

You can either use conky or gnome extension for that.

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