Friday's Fedora Facts posts tagged with `#installation`

I noticed that the Friday’s Fedora Facts posts on the Community Blog (e.g. 2023-18) are being tagged with #installation. Other posts are not (although some of them do have tags applied). This seems wrong. I assume there’s something trying to make Discourse tags happen from the WordPress tags?

This is from the automatic-tagging rules which are supposed to only apply to Ask Fedora. In this case, the post mentions anaconda and … there we go. (This is keyword-based, but in the future, I have hopes for auto-tagging using Discourse AI.)

Most categories have a restricted set of tags, and the auto-tagger won’t violate those rules. But since community blog posts normally don’t get tagged at all, there’s nothing stopping the auto-tag rules.

The Wordpress plugin has an “allow authors to tag posts” feature, but we don’t have it enabled. We could make a set of tags for the community blog and turn those on. Otherwise (or, in the meantime) I’ll find a restricted set which should avoid this.